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ARBO XL 1075 – Fire Rated Sealant

A high quality general purpose intumescent sealant with a acoustic properties.Tested in joints up to 50 mm wide and 4 hours fire resistance.

Arbo XL1075 is a one part acoustic, fire resistant, water based acrylic sealant. When subject to flame, Arbo XL1075 will intumesce, blocking the passage of fire and smoke.

Arbo XL1075 has good adhesion to a wide variety of common construction substrates without the need of a primer.


  • Perimeter Sealing of Fire Doors & Screens
  • Sealing the Joints for the Fire Rated Ductwork
  • Low Movement Fire Resistant Joints, 4 Hours Fire Integrity
  • Acoustic Joints


  • Grey
  • White